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The Amazing Mind of a Boy

October 6, 2006

Just what is it about the way a boy’s mind works?  I am constantly fascinated with the things he comes up with!  Simple things like building a block tower becomes an amazing chance to conquer the universe with the biggest and best built robot building ever!  Mommy can’t just fix lunch (today it was bologna and cheese sandwiches), it turns into mommy is in the space kitchen defeating the hunger monster with her butter sword (not just a butter knife) and slaying that horrible creature with mayonnaise.  All the while his sister just sits and tries to play along, but no matter how creative she is…it just isn’t enough to keep up with his imagination!

I’m finding it just as exciting to read stories to him these days.  Nothing the author writes is anywhere near as good as the plot line he tries to take us down.  Today he even asked me to close the book and just let him tell the story.  I did and he had all of sitting on the edge of seat waiting to see what happened next!  The 21 month old was even clapping when he took his final bow and proclaimed "THE END!"  I’m sure when I start to read the story again (as it is written) he’ll protest and try to invent yet another plot twist!! 

Legos are no longer to build towers and airplanes with.  Until recently those were his two most favorite things to built.  Now, thanks to some movie input from daddy, Legos are for making light sabers.  Today we had a 4-way light saber battle that ended with all of laughing until we cried!

Praise God for all the wonderful differences between us all and for the never-ending imagination of a little red headed boy…

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