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First Week Recap

September 8, 2006

We survived our first week!  LOL  It wasn’t even that hard academically but the kids have had me on a real ride!  We didn’t do much on Wed & Thurs because of MOPS this week.  Hopefully the meetings from here on out will not be as hectic and heavily involved for me (I’m the finance team…yup, just me LOL). 
The week started out with Erin boycotting that Christopher was old enough to start school and she wasn’t.  I have some things that I want to do with her, but I really wanted to settle into a routine with Christopher first.  I know he will be the hardest one to keep on task and keep focused and since he’s the one who actually has to go through the testing process I want to make sure I’m not missing anything.  I’m in no rush, but as far as official school goes, he’s the focus.
The week ended with Christopher having some pretty serious meltdowns.  The last few days he’s been crying and overreacting to everything.  My nerves were a little shot today, but we made it through and everything seemed to be going fairly well.  He loves math.  One lesson each day is not enough for him and I have to tell him that we’re stopping.  I know that may eventually change but I love seeing him get so excited!  I also gave him his first spelling test today.  Yeah, it wasn’t hard at all, but I want him to see what he should have been learning this week.  He only missed one and he knew it and immediately begged to correct it when he realized he didn’t get "the best score" on it.  
Our biggest focus right now is handwriting.  He’s doing well in some aspects and in others he just wants to goof off.  We only spend about 15-20 minutes a day doing paper writing and then he can use his doodle pad as much as he wants the rest of the time.  I’m trying to convince him that neatness matters, but at this point we’re just taking it at his pace.
Otherwise, all seemed to go well.  I want to spend some time getting ready for next week tomorrow and Sunday so I’m not doing it all at the last minute and maybe get some coloring pages for Erin to work on too.
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