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Zoo Pals

July 17, 2006

What a fun day we had at the zoo on Sunday.  We got up early (for us anyway) and headed to the first service at church.  After church we got changed, made a stop at the grocery store for some lunch and snacks…and LOTS OF WATER…and headed out.  It was so nice having some friends to meet up with and to see the exhibits with.  It was though, the hottest and most humid day I can ever remember!    Man was it hot!!

The kids loved the aquarium and the tiger and were VERY excited that they were able to see a REAL sloth!  I was a little stunned though, that the sloth was asleep inside of a milk crate in the monkey house.  I doubt that’s his ‘natural habitat’!  LOL  It was Dodge day and Dodge had 6 different vehicles throughout the zoo with mosaic type pictures all over them.  There was a little image (like a cartoon octopus) hidden on each one and you had to answer a question about that cartoon to win a prize.  A little hokey maybe, but the kids absolutely loved it!  DH got a chance to look through the new minivan too and dream a little while they were at it!

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