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Bumpy Start

June 20, 2006

Well, we’re off to a rough start with homeschooling.  We did great for the first few days and then BAM hit the wall.  Christopher is doing great and I was doing great.  I’m just having a difficult time keeping the other two occupied during ‘school time.’  No matter how much time I set aside for them and prepare them, they seem to want ME (and only me) at the exact moment that I start working with Christopher.  We’re progressing, which is good, we’re just taking things much much slower than I expected.  The good thing is though, it’s okay!    That’s one of the awesome things about homeschooling!  We can go at our own pace and we can take a break and deal with character issues as we need to.  PLUS, Christopher is still only 5 years old.  He doesn’t have to know everything now, does he? 

We went on vacation at the end of May to the beach.  While we were there we visited an AWESOME aquarium.  If anyone is ever going to Myrtle Beach, SC I can recommend a great place to stay and you have to see Ripley’s Aquarium.  The kids still talk about it every day and since we’ve been back we’ve looked up all sorts of cool things about sharks and sting rays and horseshoe crabs!  They want to know so much more!

I love homeschooling!!!!

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