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What type of mom am I?

May 20, 2006

In looking through my friend’s blogs today I came across a link to a survey that indicates what type of mom (teacher) I am.  Here were my results:


Your type is: enfp  —The “Kids R Fun” Mother

“Whatever I enjoy—playing tag or singing in the car—I can do it with kids around. And it’s totally legitimate!”

  • Playful and energetic, the ENFP mother finds her children to be good company and enjoys being with them. In fact, she says being with children justifies her own “being a kid again.” And children say she’s fun to be with — spontaneous, hearty, and imaginative.
  • Naturally drawn to introducing her children to the joys of life, the ENFP is something of a free spirit. She is less concerned with rules, routines, and schedules, and more inclined to give her children plenty of free time to play, explore on their own or with her, and have fun together.
  • Tuned in to her children, the ENFP mother enthusiastically encourages each one’s individuality and unique potential through a great variety of experiences. She is also quick to identify with others’ feelings and thoughts, making her an empathetic supporter of her children, not to mention her mate and many, many friends.

To learn more about your personal strengths, plus tips for making the most of your natural mothering style, be sure to read your full profile in MotherStyles.

Click here to read about all types


Hmmmm, I guess I’d have to agree with that.  Which type are you? 

Of the 16 types, I think I’m a tie between the one above and the Tender Loving Care Mother “I want my children to feel they have an ally, someone who knows them completely. I want to be a haven for them.”   I also think I have a bit of the Happy Together Mother thrown in there too.  “I like it when my children are happy on their own, but i love it when the whole family is happy together.”  I’ll have to ask Andrew if he would agree with those three.     I KNOW I am not the Responsibility Mother.  “I have a serious love affair with to-do lists. I could sit for hours reading, organizing, and rearranging my weekly calendar.”  While I love my calendar and my schedule, I tend to stick with it for a few days and then end up forgetting about it.  The only place I am sticking with it ALL (okay, most) the time is my instructor’s guide for school.  OH, I would be lost without that.  Thank you Sonlight!

Thank you God for all the wonderful types of moms (and teachers, and daddy’s and people in general!!) that you have given us.  What a dull world we would live in if we were all the same.  I thank you that I can have a personality that is different, and yet similar, to that of my husband and our kids.  I LOVE that there is never a dull moment around here and You have filled our days with fun and excitement as we learn together.  You are AWESOME God and I am constantly thrilled at watching Your masterpiece in action.  Thank you for the differences we all have!  ~Amen.

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