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Lifestyle Evangelism

May 18, 2006

Today is our last MOPS meeting for this year.  As part of the MOPS steering team this year I have heard much about ‘lifestyle evangelism’ and thought a lot about what that truly is.  While it started, for me, as a way to reach other mothers for Christ, it has carried over to my kids as well.  There is nothing on this earth that I want more than for my kids to be overflowing with the love of Christ and to know Jesus as their personal saviour and Lord.  The biggest thing that I can do in that regard is to let them see Christ through me.  I fall short in so many ways!!  However, I truly trust that Jesus can use me and my shortcomings in their lives.  As they grow older, I hope that I will have modeled lifestyle evangelism to them well enough that they are able to pick it up as a part of their life do the same for those around them.

  • I pray earnestly that God would use me to affect the lives of both Christians and non-Christians. God is faithful to answer that request and I have seen its fruit at the least expected of times.
  • I know that I am in a unique position to encourage, support and inspire my children.  God has given me gifts that specifically can be put to use, I only have to be open to using them.  I pray that God can keep my heart open and eyes understanding of where my children’s lives are headed.
  • I do not choose the objects of my encouragement. God choses. I fully intended to determine in whose lives God would use me. In fact, I’d already had a couple of candidates in mind. Instead, God called me to be "instant, in season and out of season."

I would encourage you to continually ask God to use you where He chooses. Be open to the possibilities of ministry your unique lifestyle and talents create. Don’t limit God by limiting your vision of those you can touch to only those you can see. God may be waiting to use you in ways you cannot foresee. Finally, remember to take stock periodically, especially when you’re feeling useless. Be encouraged that He will use you when He chooses, even if you don’t feel useful.

Father, I thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given me this year to be a witness in our MOPS group.  You have known the women that entered our doors and you have guided our steering as a respond to their need for You.  I thank you for the AWESOME responsibility that you have given me in being a mother to our children.  Each day brings new challenges and I am grateful for them Lord.  Help me to show our children (and anyone else that YOU choose) the love of Jesus and give them the encouragement to become closer to you Lord.  Even when I am feeling useless or unappreciated Lord, help me to see that Your ways are not my ways and I simply have to turn my heart to you and I will find comfort in Your answers.  Thank you Lord that for something as simple as lifestyle evangelism.  I find comfort knowing that if I am living my life in a walk with You, that You can use that to the further of Your Kingdom.  What an amazing, AWESOME God you are!!  In Jesus’ Holy Name.  Amen

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