What is it? Wednesday


Back by semi-popular and unrelenting demand!  Good luck!  Leave your guesses in the comment section!  This time the winner will get a prize!!!  I’ll let you know what it is, when you win.  ;-)

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32 thoughts on “What is it? Wednesday

  1. mommy's friend


  2. Lisa LK

    someone’s skin

  3. Erin

    My boys say it is a rock.

  4. cinnamon bun

  5. JoAnn


  6. Tia

    The top crust of a baked good! Like bread maybe???

  7. Cheri

    The top of a danish

  8. mommy's friend

    an alien autopsy


    Looks like someone in a bubble bath.

  10. some sort of bubbled up bread. maybe with a glaze of some kind. pastry maybe?

  11. Amber

    Glazed donut! Yum….

  12. Amber


  13. Amber

    Super duper closeup of some kind of sugary cereal

  14. Erica

    I too think it looks like glaze on a pastry.

    Or soap suds

  15. Amber

    I’m thinking that maybe I should eat some breakfast! ;)

  16. Kristen Street

    Is it the crust of homemade bread?

  17. sodbusters


  18. Dani: Ohh chicken – I don’t know.

  19. Wayne: that’s meat

  20. Milo: someone’s foot

    (you are posting comments too quickly – slow down… LOL I have too many kids)

    well – I’ll combine Mansel’s with milo’s
    Mansel: some type of rock.

    ME: a peeled orange
    ME: can I have more than one guess?
    ME: a crispy creme donut

  21. Dani: actually – bacon

  22. My first thought was bacon.

  23. perhaps skin?

  24. a tongue, by chance?

  25. Nina Price


  26. I am thinking bacon too.

    I can’t decide whether that is making me hungry or grossing me out! :)


  27. Uncle Kenneth w/Maddy's help

    Well, I would say since this came out shortly after posting pictures of bread, this is probably a close up picture of the yeast working or the process of making the bread. Something like that.

    Or it could be a close up of Christoper’s foot where he hasn’t washed it this year,

  28. Burger w/ bacon, large fries and a Dr. Pepper with crushed ice.

  29. i know i am late, but i think it’s bacon!

  30. peach cobbler

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