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Jeeper Creeper

July 8, 2014

Well, it took me long enough.  I never came back and finished my “week of Christopher”, so here it is…finally!

Christopher requested a Minecraft cake this year.  After MUCH discussion we settled on a creeper cake.  Isn’t it cute?  He’d string me up for that!

Christopher loved it and I got a nice picture of him showing off his braces.   How did my sweet baby turn into this man-child?  I still see his “wittle” newborn face when I look at him.  I wonder if that ever goes away…

I’m always impressed when the kids can blow out their candles on opposite sides of the cake.  With 13 candles, he had one on the front of the cake too.  Look at all that smoke!  This is why they didn’t put 40 candles on my cake last month.  Yikes!

I almost always forget to post the “inside of the cake” picture.  Christopher loves strawberries and asked for a strawberry cake this year.  He was teased a little bit about choosing a pink cake, but it tasted so good, no one really cared. ha!

This next picture is hard to explain.  One of Christopher’s hobbies is making “pop-up” books and cards.  He’s made some really cute cards for people and he particularly enjoys when something pops up out of it.  So, when I stumbled across this card, I knew I had to get it for him.  The price was crazy pants for a card though, so the fact that he had to actually blow out the candle on the card…which made the card light up and sing happy birthday to him was a bonus.

His SUPER CUTE birthday present (yes, he got a model airplane too, but I can’t call that SUPER CUTE) was this really cool t-shirt.  It’s called Doctor Whoopy (for those that don’t know it’s a Doctor Who and a Snoopy crossover).   You can get it at NeatoShop and I cannot recommend them enough.  When I discovered the shirt, there was a mistake in the design.  I emailed to ask if it could be changed.  I knew Christopher would love it, but having the K-9 wrong would have made him a little bonkers.  The crew over at NeatoShop emailed me almost immediately thanking me for pointing it out and fixing it so that I could order.  Totally amazing customer service!  The quality of the shirt is so much better than many of the shirts we’ve got in our closets.  Just a good place…seriously…you should check them out.

Last but not least…the sibling picture.   I really have nothing more to add after this…Yes, folks.  This is my life.

Week of Christopher – Day six

May 9, 2014

This was supposed to post on Thursday as a Throwback Thursday.  Not sure why it didn’t, but that’s ok.  Here it is…

First WVU football game…

October 2001 – 5 months old

First family picture…

October 2001 5 months old

First Christmas…

2001- 6 months old (when taken)

First double binky…


That last one was just because.  Who could resist that face!?  Not I…

Week of Christopher – Day five

May 7, 2014

It’s today!!!!  He’s 13 today!!!  I’ve been singing “Rock-a-bye, baby” all day…and he’s been letting me.  What a good sport!   Today….Christopher and his sisters.  He’s an amazing big brother to these three.




Week of Christopher – Day four

May 6, 2014

Ok…some more recent…or at least more recent than baby pictures posts…

Co-op 2012

Starship Enterprise he built out of Legos (no instructions or anything) and his Matchbox car Starship Enterprise.

Easter 2013

April 2014 – just got his braces <3


13 tomorrow….I won’t cry.  I just won’t do it.  Hush, Andrew.

Week of Christopher – Day three

May 5, 2014

Goodness, I’m having the trip down memory lane.  I wasn’t going to post this first picture, but then I found the second one and knew I just had to.

Christopher ready to leave the hospital – 24 hours old

and what a difference a year can make…

Christopher – 1-year-old

My little puddle duck.  The one and only Halloween costume I ever made. HA!

Halloween 2002

One of my favorite pictures…


One of Andrew’s favorite pictures…

9 months old

More recent pictures tomorrow…he said “enough of the baby stuff.”  ;-)


Week of Christopher – Day two

May 4, 2014

This is one of my most favorite pictures of Christopher.  When Erin was born, he was just shy of 18 months old.  Every morning he’d come running into our room and look in the bed to see where she was.  (She was typically next to me, having nursed already for the morning.)  This morning, he looked and she was not to be found.  The look of panic on his face was so precious.  I told him, “She’s in the bassinet behind you.” and he stood there and watched her sleep for a good while before crawling into bed to cuddle with us. Even then, he still sat and watched her.

They have their moments, but he’s still always watching for her.


Week of Christopher – Day one

May 3, 2014

It’s so hard for me believe.  13 years ago, I was eagerly waiting for my first labor to kick in.  I had no idea what to expect and in the couple of weeks leading up to his birth, we rushed to the hospital thinking things were starting.  On Wednesday of this week, Christopher – my oldest – turns 13.  He’s turned into a man this year.  Not really a man, but he’s not a little boy either.  He’s 6′ 1″ or maybe it’s 2″ now, and he looks less and less “little” every day.

So, I’m going to post some old pictures for a week and cry in my tea about how my baby is getting all grown up and don’t need me anymore…mostly because it embarrasses him.  Isn’t that my job?  Well, one of them anyway.

This first picture of Christopher is one of my favorites.  He was such a big baby.  At birth he was 10 lb, 14 oz and 23 inches long.  This newborn picture of him…he’s wearing a 6 month outfit.  His first Christmas, he wore 2T PJs.  At his current size and growth rate, I can’t tell you that it has gotten any easier keeping him in clothes.

8 days old

I love these next pictures.  After a couple of kids were born, it was my plan to do these pictures (next to the numbers) every year for the first 5 years and then have ‘school pictures’ each year.  The place where we had these made, and I’m sure many of you will recognize them, ended up no longer being an option after a while so that plan changed.  I do especially love having them for Christopher though because his growth is so evident in them.  The numbers are all the same height, so you can see just how much he grew each year.  I can still remember him standing next to that number 1.  His outfit has a Pooh on it and I had found Pooh tennis shoes for him to wear as well.  His pudgy little legs just rolled over the top of those shoes.  I’m NOT crying…nope…not doing it.



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