What is it? Revealed


Yippie!  Two correct guesses, two weeks in a row!  This week, my friend (Laura) was the first to guess correctly, so her prize will be on the way next week!  ;-)

Cinnamon rolls it is!!   (the picture…not the prize…)

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What is it? Wednesday


The kids are excited for this one.  Good luck!  Leave your guesses in the comment section!  Guess often, there is no limit.  There might be a prize this week too…maybe.  ;-)


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What is it? Revealed


Sorry it took me so long to come back and post the reveal for last week’s What is it? Wednesday!  I KNEW I should have just scheduled the answer right off the bat.  I’ve been sick for the last week and just not had the energy to do much outside of the absolutely necessary.

I think it’s been a while since our very first guess was a correct one, but this week that was the case.  Here is our albino hedgehog!  (He’s not ours, but the girls and I were very impressed with him at our overnight at the zoo a couple of weeks ago.)

Erin – since you were the first to answer correctly…send me your address for your prize!!!  ;-)


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What is it? Wednesday


Since no one was able to guess last week’s puzzle, the prize will carry over to this one.  Good luck!  Leave your guesses in the comment section!  Guess often, there is no limit.  Actually, my kids would tell you the more you guess the better you are doing! :-)

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What is it? Revealed – It’s not bacon


Wow!  You guys had some great guesses for this week’s post!  However, no one guessed correctly. I’m really wondering what type of bacon many of you eat that is pink and orange.  ;-)

The closest answer we got was from a friend (that couldn’t login to post on the blog) and Caleb guessed “froth”.

Here you go!  Kelsie made punch for us to have with our Thanksgiving dinner last year and it was lovely!

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What is it? Wednesday


Back by semi-popular and unrelenting demand!  Good luck!  Leave your guesses in the comment section!  This time the winner will get a prize!!!  I’ll let you know what it is, when you win.  ;-)

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Big Black Bomb Bird – Sean’s 9th Birthday

One last birthday for 2013!  After three girlie birthdays, it’s always nice to have Sean’s big day.  This year’s cake seemed to be a walk in the park after last year’s Transformer Cake.  That was mostly me taking the easy way out.  He requested an Angry Bird cake and originally he wanted a large black bomb bird as his whole cake.  I just couldn’t do it.  The thought of that much black fondant was too much for me, so he suggested an Angry Bird scene.  That I could do…I think.  I love it when they are willing to make it easier on me.  ;-)

He loved it.  I would have liked to have done some things differently and I REALLY need to get better about writing on cakes, but you can tell it was an Angry Bird cake, so that counts!

I normally try to do something with the cake that indicates how old they are that year, without putting the number on the cake.  Sean has had a few cakes now (his T-Rex, Thomas, and this one) that I used clouds on.  That’s probably not interesting to anyone but me, but I found it neat.

This picture cracks me up.  Gosh, he’s old!  Look how much smoke all those candles produced!

Sean loved his new pocket-knife and his fun cards.

I need to ask him what this card said…(Mamaw, was it from you?)  Love how he’s got his money all spread out so he can check it out as he opens his cards.

I try to take an ‘all siblings’ picture on each birthday.   This one was great.  I moved the chair to put Liam closer to the other kids 2 seconds after I took this picture.  The meltdown that followed was unreal, so it’s the only picture I can post.

This last picture wasn’t from Sean’s birthday, it was a few weeks later at Christmas.  I ordered this for him thinking it said it was a 6″ bomb bird.  Imagine my surprise when the box arrived and I saw its actual size.  He LOVES it though!  Angry birds!

Happy Birthday, Sean P.  You are growing up way, way, way too fast!!


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